Auto Insurance for Small Businesses

If you are a contractor or your business relies on vehicles to get things done, then commercial auto insurance is definitely the insurance for you.

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Is Commercial Insurance for me?

Business or Commercial insurance is for every business owner in California relying on 2 or more vehicles for work. Business use vehicles should be covered under the law.

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Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is required by law in most states.. This insurance coverage is designed to protect other people from suffering losses if one of your commercial fleet vehicles causes an auto accident. When accidents happen, people can sustain minor or major medical injuries and there can be extensive damage to the other vehicles as well. Liability coverage is designed to pay for the damages and medical expenses of those victims.

Bodily Injuries

Bodily injury coverage is the portion of your liability insurance policy that pays for people’s medical needs. Whether someone receives minor injuries in an accident or they are severely harmed, they will have extra expenses to pay in exchange for the care they receive. Your bodily injury coverage pays those expenses when you are at fault for the accident.

This portion of your small business auto insurance pays for medical transportation, emergency medical care, extended hospital stays and the expenses involved in rehabilitation. It also pays for the victim’s pain and suffering, or lost wages due to time off work. When someone is killed in the auto accident, your bodily injury coverage pays for the funeral expenses.

Property Damage

When other people’s property is damaged in an auto accident that you or one of your company drivers caused, the property damage portion of your liability insurance will pay for the necessary repairs. If the other vehicle is damaged beyond repair, then this part of your coverage can also pay for the cost of replacing the totaled vehicle.

Commercial Fleet Insurance

Designed for small businesses in California that produce, process or distribute agricultural products. This includes LP gas distributors, food processors and manufacturers that deliver food products.

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Not everything is covered by a standard commercial auto insurance policy. While coverages vary based on where you live, the following expenses and scenarios are typically excluded or require additional coverage options be added to your policy:

  • Medical expenses that are unrelated to an accident when an employee is driving a company vehicle.
  • The contents inside your business vehicle.
  • Accidents that happen when an employee drives a personal vehicle for business reasons.
  • Repairs to a rental vehicle you’re driving while waiting for your company car to be fixed after an accident.


Typically, these fall into three categories:

1. Third party only

2. Third party, fire and theft.

3. Fully comprehensive

  • Just one policy to cover all business vehicles. Simple.

  • One policy renewal date. No need to remember each vehicle renewal date.

  • Much cheaper premiums.

If you have some drivers within your fleet that are difficult to insure, a fleet insurance policy is more inclusive and their individual risk will be offset across the fleet.

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